14 Year Old Arrested For Making Threats Of a Mass Shooting


September 10, 2020 – A 14 year old student at Island Coast High School was arrested after he sent threatening messages to three teachers on two separate occasions.

The student, Leon Nicovic, sent messages to three teachers threatening violence with weapons in private chats in the Zoom virtual classroom. The School Resource Officer was informed of the threats that were made and contacted our Major Crimes Unit Detectives for assistance.

MCU Detectives completed a thorough investigation including obtaining subpoenas to help identify the person who was sending the messages. After receiving the information, Detectives learned that the suspect was Leon Nicovin, W/M, DOB: 11/12/05. After Detectives interviewed Nicovic and his parents, Leon Nicovic was placed under arrest for (3) counts of Making Threats of a Mass Shooting.

This is the first time that a student has been charged with Making Threats of Mass Shooting during a Zoom virtual classroom chat. The safety of students, staff and first responders will always be our highest priority when threats are made of a mass shooting.

Nicovic was later transported to the Lee County Juvenile Detention Center.