An Out Of State Visitor Goes The Extra Mile To Help An Elderly Man


Chief David Newlan introduced the ‘Citizen Commendable Action Coin’ wanting to recognize citizens that go above and beyond. The recipient is presented with the coin along with a card that reads:

Thank You For Your Commendable Action. On behalf of the Cape Coral Police Department, please accept this Challenge Coin in appreciation of your positive actions that make this community GREAT!

The Citizen Commendable Action Challenge Coin is given by an Officer of the Cape Coral Police Department to a civilian that performs an extraordinary act(s) or in the recognition of exemplary behavior.

On July 4, 2020 around 9:15 a.m., Officers responded to a missing person complaint. The wife of an elderly male with dementia was reporting her husband missing and was very concerned.

Rachelle Camacho found the missing male in a vehicle and he appeared confused. When she asked the man is he needed help, he told her that he was lost. Rachelle immediately realized that the man appeared very confused. She located his identification and found his address. While Rachelle was speaking with the man, his wife called. She thanked Rachelle and gave her their address. Rachelle helped drive the man home in his vehicle while Rachelle’s boyfriend followed them in their own vehicle.

Rachelle learned that the elderly man has dementia and might not have found his way home. Rachelle lives out of state and is unfamiliar with Cape Coral, but wanted to help the man get home to his wife. Sergeant Angela Fleming issued Rachelle Camacho a Citizen Commendable Action Coin, due to the exemplary behavior she exhibited by helping reunite the man with his wife.