Armed teenager arrested in stolen car Friday morning


A 13-year-old Sugarloaf Key boy arrested last week in Miami-Dade County for stealing two cars out of the Keys was arrested by Sheriff Rick Ramsay and a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Friday morning in a stolen car.


There were no reported injuries.


“I’m glad we were able to stop this young man without anyone getting hurt,” said Rick Ramsay. “I want to thank our friends with the Florida Highway Patrol for their partnership in this incident. Hopefully, this young man can get the help he needs to straighten his life out before he finds himself a permanent fixture in the criminal justice system.”


Krystian Levi Lee was taken into custody by Sheriff Rick Ramsay and the FHP Trooper at approximately 9 a.m. on U.S. 1 on Rockland Key. A stolen handgun and two stolen credit cards were found in the Dodge Challenger that was reported stolen earlier Friday morning.


Lee was charged with two counts of armed grand theft of a motor vehicle, armed burglary, stealing a firearm and additional charges are pending further investigation. The FHP may also file charges.


Lee first stole a Toyota Corolla from Crane Boulevard on Sugarloaf Key Friday morning and drove it to Big Pine Key. Inside that Toyota Corolla was a credit card that he stole and used at a gas station on Big Pine Key. Lee then dumped the Toyota Corolla, burglarized and stole another credit card from a second car. Lee then stole a Dodge Challenger on Natalie Road on Big Pine Key and drove it to Key West. Lee used or attempted to use the stolen credits cards at a grocery store and two different gas stations in Key West.


Meanwhile, Sheriff Ramsay was headed to work at Sheriff’s Office headquarters on Stock Island shortly before 9 a.m. when he spotted the Challenger. Sheriff Ramsay got behind the Challenger and was soon joined by a FHP Trooper as the Challenger fled northbound. Sheriff Ramsay radioed for Deputies to ready tire spike strips. The Challenger continued to flee, passing traffic illegally on the shoulder of U.S. 1.


The Challenger stopped on Rockland Key. Northbound traffic was temporarily blocked for other motorists’ safety as a felony traffic stop ensued. Sheriff Ramsay and the FHP Trooper approached the stolen car with their guns drawn. The driver, later identified as Lee, was taken into custody shortly thereafter.


Deputies and Detectives also responded to the scene. A loaded 9 mm handgun was found in the car and the stolen credits cards were also located. Lee previously stole the handgun from a family member. A bullet was also found in Lee’s shirt pocket.


Lee admitted to the thefts.


Lee was taken to jail and the Department of Juvenile Justice as notified.