BREAKING NEWS – Man Sentenced in 2017 Death of Infant


Media Release

From:           Denise M. Moloney
Community/Media Relations Manager, 352-797-3609
Re:             Man Sentenced in 2017 Death of Infant
Date:           February 6, 2020

On 07-19-17, Hernando County deputies, along with Hernando County Fire Rescue, responded to a residence in Spring Hill regarding an infant not breathing.

The male caller, later identified as Miles Anchondo Sr., told the operator that a child he was responsible for was not breathing, had blue lips, and he did not know what was wrong.

Upon arrival, deputies observed the infant on the living room floor, naked.  Anchondo told the 9-1-1 operator he had just taken the infant out of the bathtub.  Deputies observed the infant to be dry, with no signs of recent bath activity.

Deputies then observed what they believed to be marijuana, in plain view, in the living room.

The infant was transported to Bayfront Health Spring Hill.  Physicians there determined the infant had a low white blood count (indicating an underlying issue), a CT scan revealed skull fractures on both sides of the infant’s head, and a brain bleed that appeared to be in various stages.

Physicians told detectives the two-month old infant appeared to have a rib fracture that had already started to heal.

Due to the severity of the injuries, the infant was airlifted to All Children’s Hospital.

Anchondo told detectives he placed the infant in a stroller next to his bed then lied down and went to sleep.  Anchondo said he woke up to the sound of the infant couching or crying and found the infant to be “limp.”  After a few failed attempts to rouse the infant, Anchondo said he placed the infant in the bath.

Detectives noted other discrepancies in Anchondo’s version of the story, as some details contradicted what he told the 9-1-1 operator.

In a later interview with detectives, Anchondo stated that while he was carrying the infant, the infant’s head was hit (hard) on a door jamb.  Anchondo said the infant fell asleep after this.  Anchondo told detectives he knew the infant needed medical attention after hitting its head but decided to wait for the mother of the infant to arrive.

During this same interview, Anchondo also told detectives that “a few weeks ago” he was pushing the stroller back and forth, hard and fast, which caused the infant to hit its head on the rails of the stroller.  Anchondo went on to say that he dropped the infant, on its head, onto the tile floor.

The infant was listed in critical condition.

On 07-21-17 just after midnight, the infant passed away.

An autopsy revealed extensive injuries to the infant.

Due to the extensive injuries, the death was ruled a Homicide.  Numerous physicians agreed that Anchondo’s description of the series of events could not have caused the injuries the infant suffered.

After a thorough investigation and consultation with the State Attorney’s Office, an arrest warrant was issued for Miles Anchondo Sr. W/M DOB/12-07-1991.

With assistance from the HCSO Warrants Unit, the U.S. Marshals Service, and the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, detectives placed Anchondo under arrest at his parent’s residence in Wesley Chapel.

On 01-27-2020, Anchondo was scheduled to go on trial for 1st Degree Murder of the infant.  Just prior to the trial starting, Anchondo agreed to a plea deal of Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child and Aggravated Child Abuse.

On 02-02-2020, Anchondo went before the Honorable Judge Merritt Jr. for sentencing.  Judge Merritt sentenced Anchondo to 30 years in prison.

Contributed by the Hernando Count Sheriff’s Office.