The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 41-year-old, Tanya Galvin and 25-year-old Ricky Nicole Tubbs both of Cape Canaveral, in connection with the death of a 6-month-old infant that occurred on March 1, 2020.

The investigation began on March 1, 2020 when Deputy Roldano Rivera noticed three children between the ages of two and four unsupervised walking on Caroline Street in Cape Canaveral. Corporal Susan Ricchuito responded to assist and was able to obtain information where the children lived. Sergeant Jason Knepp and Deputy Rivera then went to the residence, where the door was located open and Galvin was found asleep. Galvin advised that she did not know where the children were and assumed they were with Ms. Tubbs.

While doing a welfare check of the children, the two-year-old was found to be wet and smelled of urine. Galvin gave Deputy Kimberly Reites permission to go to the children’s room to retrieve diapers and clothing for the child. While attempting to find those items, Deputy Reites discovered an infant, nude and unresponsive in a plastic storage container. Deputies immediately began CPR until the arrival of paramedics.

During CPR water was purged from the child’s mouth and nose. The infant was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The child was later identified as six-month-old, Scorpio Sharp. The victim was taken to the Brevard County Medical Examiner’s Office where an autopsy was conducted. The results of the autopsy showed that the child died as a result of drowning.

A subsequent investigation determined that the victim and another child had been placed in foster care by DCF under the supervision of Tubbs and her paramour, Mario Joseph. Tubbs and Joseph were the only adults authorized to supervise the children as Tubbs reported to DCF that they were the only adults residing at the address. On the evening before the discovery, Tubbs left the residence leaving the children with Mr. Joseph. Tubbs was to return to the residence prior to Mr. Joseph leaving for work the next morning. Tubbs did not return on time and Joseph was forced to leave the children, who were alive at that time, with Galvin. Joseph contacted Tubbs advising her to return home immediately so that the children would not be in the care of Galvin for an extended period of time. The investigation further determined that Tubbs had consumed alcohol and narcotics during the evening and did not return to the residence, in violation of the order of DCF, until after the infant had been discovered by deputies.

Agents found a bathtub, with standing water, located approximately 25 feet from the area where the decedent was discovered. The clothing that the infant was last observed wearing was located on the floor, next to the bathtub, soaked in water. It was determined that only one of the children could move an item of the infant’s weight and according to the Child Protection Team would have been with great difficulty, likely causing visible injuries to the infant. The investigation concluded that while under the care of Ms. Galvin the infant came in contact with the water, which subsequently resulted in his death. The infant was then discarded in a plastic container in the children’s room.

Due to the fact that Tubbs lied to DCF in reference to the living arrangements at the apartment in order to gain custody of the victim, failed to properly provide medication to the infant as mandated by the agreement with DCF, and knowingly left the children in the care of Galvin, which led to the death of the infant, she was charged with Neglect.

Both women were charged earlier today after warrants were issued for their arrest. Galvin is charged with Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child and Violation of Probation. She is being held at the Brevard County Jail on a No Bond status. Tubbs was charged with Neglect of a Child with Great Bodily Harm. She is currently being held at the Volusia County Jail on a bond of $25,000 awaiting extradition to Brevard County.

Please join me in thanking everyone involved in this investigation from our Deputy that realized something was wrong with the children being unsupervised on the street to those responsible for bringing closure to the infant’s death. Great Job by all involved!!

Sheriff Wayne Ivey