Accountability. Transparency. Training. Diversity. Community Policing. These are some of the structural pillars that support the effective daily mission of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.
These are also the pillars that Sheriff Gregory Tony made priorities since taking over as sheriff in January 2019. With a recent nationwide focus on the actions of law enforcement officers and a desire to keep the community informed, Sheriff Tony, along with agency leaders, explains these critical pillars in a 13-minute video BSO produced in house.
The video showcases a broad range of initiatives completed and undertaken since Sheriff Tony’s arrival, including the historical diversity of BSO’s command staff, a commitment to promoting from within, a dedication to overhauling and improving training throughout the agency and a laser focus on accountability and regaining the public trust.
Some of the specific highlights shared in the video include:
Building a more diverse agency, including the appointment of the first female undersheriff in BSO’s 104 year history and increasing the hiring of minority deputies and firefighters.
Enhancing community policing through Neighborhood Support Teams, which make deputies more visible in the communities they serve and build mutual cooperation and trust.
Creating the Bureau of Recruitment to ensure BSO is hiring the most diverse, qualified and competent personnel.
Partnering with the FBI and Homeland Security for active shooter training and response protocols.
Revamping the Professional Standards Committee, which conducts a timely review of use of force cases, including the appointment of retired Broward County Judge Julio Gonzalez as director.
“Accountability and transparency — it’s essential for us to gain the public trust,” Sheriff Tony said. “The things we’ve instituted to be able to police ourselves has been essential for the public to say, ‘Hey, we can trust this organization.’ We know that, should the very few law enforcement officers step outside the lines, they’re going to be held accountable.”
These initiatives are evidence of the firm and solid foundation Sheriff Gregory Tony is building to support the pillars of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.
The following is a breakdown of the video in terms of topic and time code:
Promotions 0:00 – 1:59
Accountability and Transparency 2:00 – 4:43
Serving the Broward Community 4:44 – 8:03
Training and Preparedness 8:04 – 11:00
Recruiting 11:01 – 13:32