Burglar arrested in Islamorada


A 24-year-old Islamorada man was arrested Thursday night after he was found burglarizing a vehicle.


Jonathan Nils Pearson was charged with burglary.


Deputy Nerelys Vidal responded to a residence on the 100 block of Valencia Drive at approximately 6 p.m.regarding a suspicious person. Deputy Vidal arrived to find Pearson barefoot and shirtless. Pearson was rummaging through a Honda Accord. Pearson was sweating heavily and appeared to have a rash. Pearson said he was looking for his phone charger, but he also said he lives on Venetian Way. Deputy Vidal asked Pearson where the keys to the car were located and Pearson said he didn’t know.


Deputy Vidal found a business ID in the car that belonged to a female. He asked Pearson if that was a family member of his. Pearson said he didn’t know the person. Pearson then stated the car wasn’t his and he didn’t know who it belonged to. Deputy Vidal then began investigating whether the car was stolen. Sgt. Robert Dosh also arrived on scene. Pearson gave Sgt. Dosh contradictory statements, stating he was looking for a phone charger, then a vape pen and then sunglasses.


The owner of the Honda then appeared from the residence. It was the same female as on the business ID found in the car. She stated she didn’t know Pearson and never gave him permission to be in the her vehicle. She stated she left the car unlocked, but had the keys, which she produced.


Pearson stated he had taken Xanax and smoked marijuana earlier.


Sgt. Dosh spoke to a neighbor who said he and a witness found Pearson in his garage prior to this incident. They stated they confronted Pearson and he left without incident.


Pearson was taken to jail.



Man arrested for possessing heroin


A 49-year-old Marathon man was arrested following a traffic stop Thursday afternoon for possessing 80 individual baggies of heroin.


James John Donnelly was charged with trafficking in heroin.


Traffic Enforcement Deputy Arron Roddy stopped a Ford pickup truck on 107th Street in Marathon at approximately 3:50 p.m. due to an obscured license plate. The truck was found to be registered to someone other than Donnelly. There were no other occupants other than Donnelly.


Sheriff’s Office K9 Coral was called. K9 Coral alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle.


A search of the truck revealed 80 separate baggies containing a total of 10.8 grams of a brown powdery substance which tested positive for heroin.


Donnelly was taken to jail.