Cape Coral Police Department- Auto Burglary Safety Tips


Vehicle burglaries can leave a vehicle owner with a sense of anger and feelings of loss. Most vehicle burglaries could be avoided by locking the doors.

A majority of the burglary reports Officers investigate are a result of burglars entering unlocked vehicles. Victims have reported various items as stolen from their vehicle:

  • Wallets with money and identification/credit cards

  • Cameras

  • Sporting equipment

  • Handguns and rifles

  • Clothing and sunglasses

  • Cell phones and charging cords

  • Suit cases/back packs

  • Computers and many other items

“Car hopping” is the most common form of burglary. Burglars will check vehicles for unlocked doors and move on to the next car if they are locked. Burglars usually continue until they are satisfied or seen. Burglars can use this method in a mall parking lot or a residential area.

Please look at the auto burglary prevention tips below. Do not be a victim. Lock it or lose it.