Cape Coral Police Department- Drowning Prevention And Pool Safety


While most people are staying home with their children, those with pools need to be vigilant in making sure their children are staying safe. It only takes a second for a child to slip out a back door and fall into a pool. The statistics below are from the DCF database.

  • As of June 15, there have been 33 child drowning fatalities in 2020, a 37.5% increase from that time last year.

  • Since the initial analysis in mid-April, 19 deaths have been added to the DCF database for 2020.

  • Just over 72% of fatalities in the database for 2020 occurred in home swimming pools.

  • In at least 69% of cases, narrative provided in the DCF dataset indicates a gap in supervision allowed the child to “get out of the home undetected”.

Tips to help keep children safe:

  • Always stay in an arms length of your children while they are in water.

  • Avoid using your phone. Phones are a huge distraction.

  • Do not rely on water wings

  • Sign Kids up for swimming lessons

  • Have safety gear, a reach pole, life jacket, throw rope

  • Teach children the safety rules:

    • No running near the pool

    • No diving in the shallow end

    • No pushing people in

    • No pulling other kids under the water

    • No swimming without adult supervision

  • Learn how to perform CPR on your child.

  • Install a secure fence around the pool.