Charlotte county sheriff’s Office- Scam Alert



The Florida Department of Health (DOH) is warning residents to be wary of potential coronavirus-related scams that target people during the global pandemic.

Telephone scams regarding COVID-19 test results have been reported by Floridians. Residents have been contacted by callers stating they are with the Florida Department of Health and request social security numbers and medical information before the caller can provide “COVID-19 results”.

Below are tips for how to protect yourself from scams, including the COVID-19 phone scam:
✔ The Department will not call to ask for social security numbers or medical information.
✔ Never share your personal or financial information via email, text messages, or over the phone.
✔ Be cautious if you’re being pressured to share any information or make a payment immediately.
✔ Scammers often spoof phone numbers to trick you into answering or responding.
✔ Remember that government agencies will never call you to ask for personal information or money.
✔ Do not click any links in a text message or email that you are unsure of.
✔ If someone is approached at their home by anyone claiming to work for the Florida Department of Health or dressed in protective medical gear, they are encouraged to ask for verification. All DOH staff will have a badge displayed.