Citrus county sheriffs office- Be safe and smart


SCALLOP SEASON COUNTDOWN – We have less than a week (6 days) left until the start of scallop season, July 1st. As promised, CCSO is committed to making the 2020 Scallop Season the safest ever with daily safety tips and trivia.

Running short on time, we would like to remind everyone going scalloping to complete a vessel check prior to hitting the water. What exactly is a vessel check? It’s a quick inspection of your boat that can mean the difference between a day of fun or a day of disaster.

A few things you may want to inspect are-

1.) Engine oil – this should be regularly checked to make sure your boat has enough.
2.) Exterior of vessel – do a quick walk around to look for signs of stress or cracking that may pose a hazard while out on the water.
3.) Fuel level – check your fuel to make sure you have enough for a day out on the water (and maybe even a little bit more for backup).
4.) Boat essentials – these can include required safety gear such as a sound-producing device and life jackets.

Be smart and be safe, inspect your vessel to helping make this scallop season the safest possible!

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