Collier County Sheriff’s Office – Be Safe and Wear A Mask!


While some businesses and facilities have been requiring patrons to wear masks, this week more businesses in our community have announced they will begin requiring customers to wear masks while patronizing their business.

Some may think that a private business can’t require this and that it is a violation of individual civil or constitutional rights.

It is not.

Private businesses have long had the right to refuse service to anyone-as long as it is not as a discriminatory action based upon race, color, religion, sex, age, veteran status or national origin or disability.

So what could happen if someone refuses to wear a mask in a private business that requires masks? Several things could happen and it pretty much depends on how the business wants to handle the situation. The options involving law enforcement would generally involve trespass notices after a warning is given by the business.

If situations escalate, other lawful action could occur. Nobody wants that to happen, especially during this pandemic.

Stay safe and healthy and know the rules that businesses have in place.

Oh and we know some will want to share their comments on mask wearing and some will have very strong opinions…keep it kind, people!