Collier County Sheriffs Office – Kevin Rambosk has fired an agency member


Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk has fired an agency member who was arrested Saturday night on child pornography charges.

Rashaad A. Smith, 41, had been a CCSO deputy since 2005. Smith is charged with 100 counts of child pornography. Florida law explicitly prohibits us from releasing his photo.

Smith was arrested at his home late Saturday night after a search warrant was served and evidence was seized. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is assisting in the investigation. The investigation is ongoing and further charges may result.

“The justice system will determine the outcome of this case but due to the heinous nature of these allegations, I ordered the immediate withdrawal of this person’s appointment as a member of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Rambosk said. “I know and appreciate that our community expects that when a deputy is charged with crimes like these, they are immediately fired from their position of authority and they do not continue to receive compensation from our tax dollars.”

Sheriff Rambosk added “Anyone who commits crimes in Collier County will be arrested, including law enforcement officers. Our mission statement and our oath of office protects all people equally and this means that anyone who commits crimes against the lives, property or constitutional guarantees of others will be arrested and brought to justice in accordance with the law.”