Collier County Sheriffs Office – Let’s all remember how to drive in the rain safely


It’s a wet afternoon out there. Let’s all remember how to drive in the rain safely:

Slow down. Wet pavement causes tires to lose traction and vehicles become more difficult to handle.

Avoid standing water. Not only can you hydroplane and lose control, you can impair your vision and other drivers’ visibility by splashing through puddles. Moreover, standing water often shields potholes and debris from view and it can reduce the effectiveness of your vehicle’s brakes.

Increase your following distance. Slick roads, wet brakes and reduced visibility can lead to collisions. Give other vehicles plenty of room and brake early with reduced force.

If your car begins to hydroplane, do not brake or turn the wheel abruptly as this may cause your vehicle to skid or spin. Take your foot off the gas and keep the wheel straight until your car reclaims traction. Brake gently if needed.

Grip the steering wheel with both hands to maximize vehicle control and focus solely on the task of driving.

Keep your windshield wipers in good shape. Have them checked before rainy seasons arrive.

Defog your windows. Precipitation can cause your windshield to quickly fog up, so use the front and rear defrosters to maximize visibility.