Collier County Sheriff’s Office – The National Hurricane Center warns about a potential tropical storm


COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — The National Hurricane Center warns about a potential tropical storm.

Collier County Emergency Management Director Dan Summers says this isn’t projected to become a major threat to Southwest Florida yet

“Come Saturday or Sunday we’re going to be in for some less than desirable weather for sure,” he said.

But he says now is the time to prepare and consider COVID-19 safety.

“You’re adding social distancing. You’re adding your PPE. You’re adding your hand sanitizer,” he said.

Collier Emergency Management is also cutting shelter capacity by half. They’re going from allowing 20,000 people into their shelters to 10,000 to allow for social distancing.

“We want to keep that exposure or that potential for exposure in these hurricane shelters as low as we possibly can,” said Summers.

Summers added use this time to prepare.

“There’s no cause that this is a big storm for Southwest Florida yet by any stretch of the imagination. But we just don’t want to discount the fact that this is the time of the season to be ready,” he said.

He says you should rely on shelters as a last resort.