Curse on the Verizon

Spring Hill’s newest Verizon store opened in mid-April and appears to be in a great location on Commercial Way between Staples and ABC Liquor, two heavily visited businesses.                      Unfortunately, foot traffic has been slow into the Verizon store for some reason, and according to employees working there, it just might be cursed.
Nick Ragusa and Cory Jowers reported that days after the store opened five freshly planted shrubs were uprooted and stolen from the front landscape.  On May 10 an air compressor inflating a giant dinosaur was taken.  Its replacement was then lifted, followed the next day by the deflated dinosaur, itself.
The Hernando County Sheriff’s department has an open investigation into the string of incidents, but no suspects over three months later.  Last week a water main ruptured behind the store leaving the hard working and professionally courteous Verizon employees high and dry.
Anyone seeing a giant dinosaur or five lonely shrubs should call Crimestoppers at (352) 754-6830 or Verizon at (727) 237-1177.  The Verizon Curse must be exorcised from this great location.