District Two Deputies Make Arrest in Commercial Burglary


On 03-22-20 just after 10 a.m., Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the CVS located at 9204 Cortez Boulevard in Weeki Wachee regarding a Commercial Burglary.

Upon arrival, deputies learned when the store manager arrived to work that morning, she observed two empty propane tanks sitting on the pavement next to the AmeriGas storage container.  The store manager also observed the door lock to the container to be bent, and the lock was missing.

The store manager reviewed surveillance video.  At approximately 2:45 a.m., a white pick-up truck pulled up, a male and female got out of the truck and stole three propane tanks from the storage container.  The tanks and propane were valued at $179.97.

Deputies reviewed the video and noted a white male with black short hair, wearing a t-shirt with a plaid long-sleeve button down shirt over it and blue jeans and a white female with long blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a purple tank-top and tan shorts.

Deputies also noted a white pick-up truck, 2-door, with a damaged front bumper and white tape on the driver’s window.

Deputies checked the area for the suspect vehicle, meeting with negative results.  A Be On the Look Out (BOLO) was issued.

On 03-22-20 at 8:30 p.m., Deputy A. Valdes was stopped at the traffic light at Commercial Way and Berkeley Manor Boulevard when he observed a white pick-up truck matching the description of the one in the BOLO.  Deputies Valdes and V. Donato conducted a Traffic Stop on the vehicle.

Upon making contact with the occupants of the truck, deputies immediately observed the white male and white female also closely resembled the two suspects in the BOLO.

Deputies obtained identification from both individuals.

Deputies then questioned both individuals regarding the Commercial Burglary at CVS.

Both suspects confirmed it was their photos in the BOLO.  They both told deputies that the female originally attempted to gain entry to the propane store container but was unable to do so.  The male then used a tire iron to break the lock and open the container.  The female then began loading the propane tanks into the truck.

The suspects told deputies where all three of the tanks could be located.  Each of the tanks was located and retrieved.

Both suspects were placed under arrest and charged as follows:

Debera Renee Barnett DOB/02-04-1965
o       Commercial Burglary
o       Bond – $5,000

Windle Logan Barnett DOB/09-28-1950
o       Commercial Burglary
o       Bond – $5,000.

The Barnett’s pick-up truck was towed from the scene.