Driver cited for speeding in Key Deer Zone


A 39-year-old Miami man was given a mandatory notice to appear in court citation Wednesday night and could face thousands of dollars in fines after he was stopped in a Porsche traveling faster than 100 mph in the 35 mph Key Deer Zone on Big Pine Key.


Habib Geagea Palacios was cited for improper start from a stopped position and speeding at speeds 50 mph greater than the posted speed limit.


The first ticket is a result of Palacios spinning his tires and speeding away northbound from the stoplight at Key Deer Boulevard and U.S. 1. The fines associated with that citation have a maximum penalty of $500. The fines associated with traveling 67 mph over speed limit normally reach $1,000, but because Palacios was traveling at such speeds in the Key Deer Zone, he could face double the fines for that singular citation.


Lower Keys Deputies first spotted the black 2020 Porsche 911 sports car at approximately 11 p.m. near Mile Marker 28. Deputy Christopher Schwartz observed the Porsche perform a “burn out” as it sped away northbound from the Key Deer Boulevard traffic light on U.S. 1.


Deputy Jonathon Lane was using his radar equipment in the Key Deer Zone and clocked the Porsche traveling 102 mph as it came around the corner. The posted speed limit in the Key Deer Zone at night is 35 mph.


Deputy Lane noted that Palacios tried to explain that the Porsche 911 Turbo is a fast car and cannot go slow.


The Porsche was listed as a rental.