DUI ARREST Aug 30- Sept 5


Pictured below are individuals arrested for Driving under the Influence during the last week.

Impaired driving accidents claim the lives of hundreds of Floridians annually. These victims are far more than statistics on a graph. They are mothers…fathers…children…loved ones. Their lives come to an end because someone made the unacceptable decision to drive while impaired.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno would like to show you the faces of those individuals who thoughtlessly and selfishly chose to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. None of these individuals expected their day to end in handcuffs. None expected to have their photograph on a shameful social media post. Yet…here they are.
We’re out there looking for impaired drivers…day and night…on highways, boulevards and back streets. Don’t drive while impaired.

Consider this the only warning that you will receive.
To learn more about impaired driving, solutions and ways to help, visit MADD Southwest Florida