Hardee County Sheriff’s Office – Recent HCSO Deputy Arrested for Drug Charges


A recent Hardee County Sheriff’s Office road patrol sergeant was arrested for the purchase and possession of Oxycodone without a prescription.

The Hardee County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force received information of recent patrol sergeant, Mark McCoy, illegally purchasing Oxycodone pills. An individual who reportedly sold pills to McCoy informed the Drug Task Force that he/she had sold Oxycodone to McCoy while he was on and off duty, and that McCoy has shown up in his marked patrol unit before to purchase the pills. It’s alleged McCoy also relayed information to this individual regarding the Drug Task Force’s work schedule. The seller also provided D.T.F. with previous phone messages between the two, regarding when McCoy could purchase more Oxycodone.

Sergeant McCoy was a K-9 handler in the patrol division and had been a sheriff’s office employee for 14 years before abruptly resigning his position on March 31, 2020 during an internal affairs investigation.

On May 22, 2020 while working with the Drug Task Force, the seller met with McCoy and again sold him Oxycodone. During this transaction, McCoy received the pills and discussed payment methods with the seller. Once the transaction was completed, a traffic stop was conducted on McCoy’s vehicle and a pill bottle containing Oxycodone was located inside. McCoy did not have a legal prescription for the pills and claimed they were heartburn medication.

Mark McCoy was arrested, booked into the Hardee County Jail and charged with Drug Equipment Possession / Use, Purchase Schedule I or II of Opium or Derivative, Possession of Harmful New Legend without a Prescription, Use of 2 Way Communication Device, and Possession of Oxycodone.