Help us celebrate


Help Us Celebrate Safe Communities

Every October, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office along with law enforcement agencies across the country, join together to recognize National Crime Prevention Month and the Celebrate Safe Communities initiative. This time is set aside to promote crime prevention awareness, mobilize partnerships between police and residents, and practice safety first strategies to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

How can you help us build a thriving community spirit that focuses on home and personal safety, cybersecurity, and protecting your personal information? We are glad you asked!

As part of Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s commitment to keeping residents and visitors safe, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office offers a wide variety of life-enhancing, crime prevention programs and services designed to help equip you with real-life issues. These presentations are free of charge, vary in length and can often be customized to meet the crime prevention needs of your community, business or civic organization.

Check out the topics below, then contact a member of our Community Response Unit (CRU) at 239-477-1CRU to schedule a program today! Please note, we are currently following CDC guidelines for in-person presentations. If you prefer, we can join your group virtually.

Residential Safety and Security – learn how to become a watchful community, protect your property through environmental design and receive a personalized security home survey

Identity Theft – look at different ways criminals steal identities and the steps you can take to keep this from occurring to you
Internet Safety for Seniors – learn how to safely surf the internet while taking precautions to ensure you are cyber safe and secure

Community Response to an Active Shooter – learn what to do in the grips of an active assailant
Frauds, Scams & Cons – learn about current schemes designed to steal your money and identity, tips to avoid becoming a victim, identify a con-artist by knowing the red flags

Personal Safety – learn ways for safe living by protecting yourself in and away from home

Women’s Self Defense – R.E.A.D.Y – Respond with Engagement and Awareness to Defend Yourself – an interactive program for women and girls as young as 13 that teaches the basics of physical self-defense and ways to reduce threat risks