Hernando County Fire Rescue Places Its First Rescue Boat Into Operations


(Hernando Beach, FL) In partnership with Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, Hernando County Fire Rescue (HCFR) has placed in service its first Fire/Rescue Boat. HCFR provides Fire/Rescue services to Hernando County and its coastline, rivers and various bodies of water throughout the county. There are times when an emergency occurs on these bodies of water where our services are needed. In the past, Fire/Rescue personnel would have to either wait for the person to be brought to shore, be provided transportation to the emergency by state or local agency’s or have even been transported by privately owned vessels of good Samaritans that were willing to help. These options would then often cause delays in getting critical aid to the victim or victims. As many of these emergencies are typically medical in nature, any delays in getting to a patient are critical.


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