Hernando County Sheriff Office- Pet Safety Tips for this holiday weekend


4th of July Animal & Pet Owner Safety Tips

Sharing some PET Safety Tips from our Animal Enforcement Officers and the ASPCA.

– Never use fireworks around pets.
– Statistics show there is a higher number of dog bites over the 4th of July weekend.
– Don’t take your pet along to fireworks displays.
– Prepare a safe “place” for your pet. If they choose to hide under a bed or somewhere else in the house – allow them to.
– Turn on the TV or some music to help drown out the “scary sounds.”
– Keep a special chew treat or toy on hand as a distraction.
– Be sure your pet has is properly tagged and take a current photo, in the event he or she gets out/runs away.
– Exercise your pet (if possible and practical) early in the day, before parties and fireworks begin.

If your pet runs away from home, please check the HCAS Shelter (352-796-5062) to see if he or she is there!