Hernando County Sheriff Office – Poison Control Friday!


Poison Control Friday

Sheriff Al Nienhuis and the men and women of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office are COMMITTED to taking illegal narcotics off the streets of Hernando County and to locking up any person caught using, selling, making, buying and/or transporting this poison in our county.

Poison Control Friday is a weekly snapshot of the illegal narcotics removed from the streets of Hernando County by PATROL DEPUTIES, either while conducting proactive patrols such a Traffic Stops, Suspicious Vehicles, etc. or handling calls for service.

The information provided on the graph DOES NOT INCLUDE any information from Vice and Narcotics. Vice and Narcotics information is provided separately via Media Release and will be provided in a graph form, quarterly, going forward.

In addition to the information listed on the graph for the previous seven days, Patrol Deputies also seized 188.6 grams of marijuana, and 34 items of drug paraphernalia (baggies that contained illegal narcotics, syringes, smoking pipes, scales to weigh illegal narcotics, etc.).

Poison Control Friday Arrests – 16 (number of persons).

Each person arrested may have been charged with more than one crime.

*Pills are listed by count, not weight.