Hernando County Sheriff Office – Proudly sharing an email that was sent to the Sheriff late last night.


Proudly sharing an email that was sent to the Sheriff late last night.

“I witnessed a Hernando County police officer go out of his way to help a stranded motorist this morning, Thurs 6/11. It was 8:30 am at the northeast corner of the intersection of Cortez Blvd. and Mariner. Looked liked a car was stalled in the middle lane at the light on Cortez heading west. By himself (he put on his lights to alert other cars) the officer pulled off to the side of the road, got out of his vehicle and pushed the driver’s car out of harm’s way, crossing the right lane of traffic, turning him or her northbound to get the driver off the main road, and continued pushing him or her into a parking lot.

You could say, “It’s what they’re supposed to do…all in a day’s work.” But I don’t think so. He could’ve just parked behind her and put his lights on and stayed inside safe in his car until a tow truck came. Instead he got the driver to safety and prevented traffic from backing up.

For some reason I likened this to escorting an elderly pedestrian to cross to the other side of a busy street. And I loved it! It was comforting and reminded me how much we depend on the Sheriff’s Office for so much that we take for granted!

Please keep up the good work and please continue to keep us safe!

Our police men and women are so deserving of our respect and reverence and their pure existence means the simple difference of either civility or bedlam-Thank you for all you do!!”