Hernando County Sheriff Office – Telephone Scam Targeting Sex Offenders


Telephone Scam Targeting Sex Offenders

Since 06-08-20, HCSO deputies have handled three calls for service regarding telephone scams, where Registered Sex Offenders were the victims.

A male caller identifies himself as Sergeant Tim Brian with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office and requests to speak with the Registered Sex Offender (by name).

In one case, the suspect asked for personal information from the victim. In the two other cases, the suspect spoke with the Registered Sex Offender, or a family member, and said the Offender missed a court hearing or failed to provide DNA – and “the fine” for said problem was to be paid, immediately with EBay gift cards.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office does not employ anyone by the name of Tim Brian.

Law Enforcement agencies do not call suspects in crimes and order them to “pay fines” immediately, especially with some type of gift card.

If you receive a call of this nature, please hang up and call our office at 352-754-6830.