Hernando County Sheriff Office -We are so thankful for the support we receive from our community! 🇺🇸💙🇺🇸


Proudly sharing three emails that were sent to the Sheriff over the weekend.

We are so thankful for the support we receive from our community! 🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

“During these difficult times I just wanted you and your team to know how much my family and I support and appreciate all that you do. You have the respect of so many of my friends and neighbors. Don’t let the media and the loud minority drown out what the majority of our community believes. God bless.”

“Just a note to let you know that, in spite of all the negative press law enforcement has received lately, you are appreciated and indispensable. Thank you and your department for what you do! I come from a law enforcement family and can appreciate your dedication to the safety and well-being of the residents you serve.”

“I realize that I am only one person and have a small voice, but I want you to know that you and all your deputies have my full support. Please know that the vast majority of citizens thank you for your selfless service to the community. Remind your deputies that you are supported and not to be discouraged by all we see in the news. I wish there was more I could do to show my support, other than just saying THANK YOU.”