Hernando County Sheriff’s Office-Media Release


In 2015, Sheriff Al Nienhuis announced the implementation of “Eyes on the Street,” an initiative designed to utilize the assistance of citizens and businesses throughout Hernando County in the fight against criminal activity.

The program registry was named “Eyes on the Street” and serves as a log of all security cameras and/or surveillance systems throughout Hernando County.

Citizens and business owners who wish to participate in the program voluntarily complete the on-line registration form.  If a crime occurs in or near an area where security cameras and/or surveillance equipment has been registered, detectives may contact those citizens or businesses for investigative leads.

If you have security cameras and/or surveillance systems and would like to participate in “Eyes on the Streets,” please visit the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office website and complete the registration form.  A link has been provided below for convenience.


If you have already added your information into the “Eyes on the Street” registry, please take a few moments to check the information for accuracy.  It’s actually a good idea to check the information about once per year, just to be sure we have the most up-to-date contact information for each person that can assist with providing video.

All information provided to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office regarding your security and/or surveillance system is for official use only.  Personal information will not be available for public dissemination and is protected under Florida State Statute, Chapter 119.071, which is exempt from public record.

Security cameras and surveillance systems can provide crucial evidence and leads to solving crimes.  Oftentimes, patrol deputies and detectives waste valuable time trying to locate this information.  “Eyes” on the Streets” enables our patrol deputies and detectives to have this information available to them very quickly.

Our goal when we implemented this program was to solve crimes and save lives.  We are extremely thankful to those citizens who have registered their equipment and provided surveillance video, as it has been a tremendous help in solving crimes and locating missing persons.