Hope Equine Rescue!


Going to brag about our team for a minute.

What we do is not easy for any of our team members and that includes our training team.

Most of our horses have no history. The trainers handle horses they know nothing about. We get everything from kid safe that just ended up in a bad spot to feral and would rather stomp you than look at you and everything in between.

They put HOURS into these horses. Tons of sweat, bruises, sore muscles and discouraging days but they keep showing up for the horses. The throw a leg over a horse not knowing the outcome.

Today, 2 of these horses we have never taken off site.

It also takes an emotional toll.

They get these horses ready for their new families. All that work, time, and care to prepare the horses for someone else.

They connect with these horses and then have to watch them leave.

It is rough but also so rewarding to see all the hard work pay off.

Today we took Karma, Shiloh and Mara out on thr trails to see how they would do.

Shiloh was a rock star. Walked right along, never spooked, got upset or took a wrong step.

Mara was great also. In typical Thoroughbred fashion she wanted to be the leader and liked to keep her legs moving but nothing phased her.

Karma was a little nervous and had a few moments where she wanted to meltdown but was able to keep it together. This was a huge accomplishment for this mare.

All in all today was a great off site training.

Our team rocks!

Don’t we have some gorgeous horses 😍