IMPEACHMENT – Senate Trial of President Donald J. Trump


The first week of President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment trial in the United States Senate has concluded with three days of testimony from House managers presenting their case for obstruction of Congress and abuse of power and one day, consisting of two hours of rebuttal from the President’s attorneys.  All one hundred members of the Senate sat attentively in their seats at their desks all week long, some taking notes, each lacking the use of electronic devices which are banned by Senate rule and tradition for the sacred ceremony and proceedings of impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors alleged of the President of the United States.

   The solemnity of the trial was temporarily broken Thursday when Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts admonished House manager and congressman Gerald Nadler and a White House counselor for an exchange regarding the use of the word treachery by Nadler in describing the possible refusal of Senate Republicans to allow additional witness testimony as the trial continues.  Another tense moment occurred the following night when House manager and California congressman Adam Schiff described a CBS report that alleged a Republican White House insider claimed that Senate Republicans were unwilling to allow additional testimony from witnesses like former National Security Advisor John Bolton for fear of antagonizing the President who might support primary opponents against them.  

   The nation is deeply divided over the trial of the President and so too is the most deliberative body in the world, the United States Senate.  Proceedings will continue on Tuesday at 1PM, EST.