IMPEACHMENT – Trial Is All But Over – Thank Goodness!

The United States Senate voted 51-48 today NOT to hear additional testimony from witnesses such as former National Security Advisor John Bolton whose testimony was widely expected to substantiate the charges of abuse of power by President Trump which were presented by the House of Representatives.  Senators Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine broke with their Republican counterparts to join all forty-six Democrats (or Independents) in an unsuccessful attempt to hear from Mr. Bolton.
Senators Murkowski of Alaska and Alexander of Tennessee were considered other possible Republican defects, but both chose to stay with their Republican colleagues when push came to shove.  Alexander even said that he believe the House had already made its point, but that the charge of abuse of power was not warranted as an impeachable offense in this case.  While the trial will continue for a few more days, there is no longer considered any possibility of widening the trial in the pursuit of the elusive sixty-six votes required for conviction and removal from office.