IMPEACHMENT – Will The Smoking Gun POP The Balloon?


The Smoking Gun, or the January Surprise? C.R.A.M. to decide.

Yesterday marked a major turning point in the impeachment investigation of President Trump.  While television viewers around the world were glued to their sets watching the solemn hillside smolder where basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and his daughter were killed with seven others, the New York Times reported that an anonymous high ranking Trump insider leaked the contents of former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s as yet unpublished tell all book, directly linking the President to the House of Representatives’ impeachment charge of abuse of power during his telephone call to Ukraine’s president.

   On Saturday, day four of the trial, Trump’s lawyers took great pains to point out that no witness directly linked the President to abusing his power.  Thirty-six hours later the Times article surfaced with John Bolton holding the smoking gun.  Today the President’s attorneys will be forced to pivot on the Senate floor in what will certainly be must watch television.  Then, the pressure will be firmly placed on the four moderate Republican Senators Collins of Maine, Romney of Utah, Alexander of Tennessee, and Murkowski of Alaska.  If the Gang of Four, unaffectionately known as C.R.A.M. by Trump’s tweets join the forty-seven Democratic senators in calling for additional testimony from witnesses, the impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump will become the trial of the century during this last week of January in 2020.