Lee County Sheriff Office – A Message from The Sheriff


A Message from Sheriff Carmine Marceno

In January of this year, I, and several members of my Command Staff traveled to Tallahassee to participate in Florida Highway Patrol’s retirement ceremony honoring a TRUE LEGEND, F.H.P. Chief Derek Barrs.

During his three decades in public service, Chief Barrs became a highly regarded law enforcement professional, earning the respect and admiration of sheriffs, troopers, deputies and police officers throughout the state.

Because of this great respect, law enforcement leaders and state and local elected officials also traveled to Tallahassee to attend his retirement ceremony.

Chief Barrs has been a great ally to sheriff offices throughout the state, including Lee County, and has helped develop and maintain the positive and productive relationship we enjoy with the Florida Highway Patrol.

I personally have tremendous respect for Chief Barrs and I am honored by his friendship.

I’m proud that members of my Command Staff devoted their time to honor Chief Barrs, and for the opportunity to exchange ideas and insights with their F.H.P. peers.

If his retirement ceremony was held tomorrow, I would once again travel to Tallahassee to demonstrate our respect and appreciation for Chief Barrs.

I flew to Tallahassee for the retirement ceremony to limit my time away from our county, and as is standard practice, this travel was coordinated through our Training Division, and reviewed and documented through our Finance Department.

The benefit Lee County receives from the very positive and cooperative relationship with the Florida Highway Patrol far outweighs the cost of participating in the retirement ceremony for this tremendous leader.

Rest assured – regardless of unwarranted political attacks – I will continue to do what’s right!! Honoring F.H.P. Chief Barrs was the right thing to do!!