Lee County Sheriffs Office- Alert Deputies Arrest Armed Criminal


Alert Deputies Arrest Armed Criminal

You might recall burglar and thief Selvian Hoxhallari DOB 8/06/94, who we arrested on August 4th after detectives discovered he burglarized a vehicle, and subsequently used the victim’s stolen credit cards at a gas station.

Hoxhallari spent his 26th birthday behind bars at the Lee County Jail, and apparently enjoyed it so much he decided to come back.

Around 2am this morning, attentive deputies noticed a vehicle driving suspiciously through a neighborhood, stopping in front of several houses for no apparent reason. Upon contact with the driver, Hoxhallari, deputies immediately recognized him from his previous arrest and noticed a firearm in the cup holder. Hoxhallari was unable to provide an explanation as to what he was doing in the neighborhood, and did not dispel the deputies’ suspicions that he was actively engaged in criminal activity. Hoxhallari was also found to be in possession of cocaine.

“Our team never stops working, and I couldn’t be more proud of my deputies”, stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno. “Good old-fashioned police work put this criminal back in jail, where he belongs”.

Hoxhallari was arrested and charged with the following:

· Carrying a Concealed Weapon (firearm)

· Possession of Cocaine & Drug Paraphernalia

· Loitering and Prowling

Deputies also discovered that Hoxhallari currently has an active domestic violence injunction against him, which strictly prohibits him from possessing firearms. Hoxhallari was also charged with violating the injunction, and is now being held in jail with no bond.