Lee County Sheriffs Office- Arrests Made


Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s narcotics initiative has resulted in scores of arrests, the removal of significant amounts of drugs, including Fentanyl and Heroin, and a lengthy list of firearms from the streets of Lee County.

“If we are going to keep Lee County a place that people want to visit and a great place to live, we need to work to get drugs off of our streets,” stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

While these efforts have been countywide, the sheriff has dedicated resources to areas with frequent narcotics-related incidents. Resources have additionally been dedicated based upon tips and information provided by county residents.

“We have earned the trust of our community,” added the sheriff. “They reach out to us with tips and other information that helps us make these types of arrests.”

Members of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit and the Selective Enforcement Team conducted surveillance in central sections of Lehigh Acres. Separate and unrelated search warrants were authored and executed this week in these areas.

These warrants resulted in the seizure of narcotics, weapons and over $100,000 in United States currency.

On June 19, 2020, East District Selective Enforcement Team members identified a home and a vehicle involved in narcotics distribution. Following a traffic infraction on Leeland Heights Boulevard East, a traffic stop was conducted on a 2018 Dodge Challenger driven by Justin Sajewski.

Sajewski, a convicted felon, was on probation for a prior weapon offense. The deputy observed the handle of a firearm placed between the driver’s seat and center console, as well as a strong odor of Marijuana.

Inside the vehicle, deputies located a duffle bag containing $25,639.00 in United States currency, a trafficking amount of LSD and a misdemeanor amount of Marijuana.

Justin Robert Sajewski (DOB 10-06-1997) was arrested and charged accordingly.

Additional investigation revealed that Sajewski was utilizing a nearby storage unit. Deputies developed probable cause to search the storage unit, and authored a search warrant.

Within the storage unit, deputies located 19 bottles containing 10,166 Alprazolam pills, nearly three pounds of THC wax, an additional 10.4 grams of LSD, 45.38 grams of Ecstasy, 13.74 ounces of “Nerds Rope” THC candy and 9mm ammunition. An additional $12,605.00 in United States currency was found.
Charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance, Trafficking LSD, Trafficking Methamphetamine and Possession of Ammunition by a Convicted felon were added.

On June 23rd, the Narcotics Unit began an investigation into residences on 3rd Street Southwest and West 7th Street, which resulted in two additional arrests following the execution of a search warrant.

Seized during the execution of this warrant were 14 firearms, two of which had been reported stolen, 345 THC cartridges, 95 THC nerd candy packages, 56 grams of Methamphetamines, 0.8 grams of Crack cocaine, 21.2 grams of MDMA, 71.5 Alprazolam pills and 171 pounds of marijuana. Detectives also located and seized an additional $75,720.00 of U.S. currency.

Lawrence Cliffton Bankins (DOB 03-04-1983) and Noe Lara (DOB 03-21-1993) were both arrested and charged accordingly.

“I’ve said it from day one. You will not peddle poison in Lee County. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever,” added Sheriff Marceno.