Lee county sheriffs office – Gas Station Safety: Tips from Sheriff Carmine Marceno



We all stop to refuel…it’s a part of vehicle ownership.

As most gas stations offer many conveniences, including use of restrooms, air/vacuum equipment, car washes and restaurant/food service, we tend to identify them as places to rest and relax…especially after extended periods of driving.

Regrettably, criminals exploit our need for fuel…for refreshments…or during trips to the restroom. The National Crime Prevention Council has documented an increase in gas station thefts across the country.

Pay close attention to your surroundings.

Try, whenever possible, to select gas stations that are well lit and have video surveillance mounted at the pump.

Remove your keys when pumping gas. It only takes seconds for a car thief to hop into your vehicle and take off.

Keep valuables out of sight and, when going inside the station, lock your doors…ALWAYS.

Avoid common distractions such as cell phone calls or use of your cellular device.

Gas station thefts are crimes of opportunity. Let’s eliminate that opportunity, whenever possible.