Lee County Sheriff’s Office warns against recent email scams!!


The Lee County Sheriff’s Office warns against recent email scams

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has seen an influx of email scams in the Fort Myers area during the last few days. Detectives warn the citizens of Lee County against these scams and hope that bringing awareness to the trend prevents future victims.

This email scam is nothing new, in fact, it has been around for a while. However, there has been a recent increase of reports indicating that scammers are emailing their victims requesting gift cards for loved ones. The email addresses that the scammers are using look familiar to the victims, such as an email address of a friend.

Victims are then purchasing the requested gift cards and giving the card numbers to the scammer via email.

Don’t be a victim! Some tips to keep in mind when scrolling through your emails include:

– If it looks suspicious, it probably is. Look into the email by verifying the information it contains.

– If the email address looks familiar, like it belongs to a friend or family member, call them to verify. Be sure to use a pre-existing phone number that you know to be theirs. Don’t use a phone number that the scammer gives you!

– Never give gift cards to people you don’t know! If you think that you do know them, be sure to verify it is them before you give away a gift card.

– Call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Fraud Line to report any and all fraudulent incidents. The main phone number is 239-258-3292.