Man armed with knives arrested for assault


A 32-year-old Key Largo man was arrested Saturday night after forcibly kissing an underage, female grocery store employee and threatening others with pocket knives.


Melchor Pastor Hernandez was charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery and resisting arrest.


There were no serious injuries reported.


The incident began at approximately 6:06 p.m. at the Winn-Dixie in Key Largo. A manager reported Hernandez entered the store too intoxicated to speak. Hernandez grabbed an underage female employee by her neck and forcibly kissed her on the cheek.


Two managers confronted Hernandez when he produced two pocket knives, which he began waving in the air. Hernandez began striking the shelves with the knives. The managers stated they feared for their safety and created distance between themselves and Hernandez. Hernandez then left the store.


Video security footage corroborated the managers’ and teenager’s version of events. Multiple Deputies responded and began to look for Hernandez, who is known to Deputies due to past interactions with law enforcement.


Deputies were then called to Rowell’s Waterfront Park less than an hour later where three men reported a man matching Hernandez’s description was threatening them with knives.


Deputies found Hernandez sitting at picnic table at the park. Hernandez ignored Sgt. Josh Brady’s commands to raise his hands. Deputy Alexandria Hradecky attempted to talk to Hernandez. Hernandez reached into his pockets and threw one of the pocket knives. He then produced the other pocket knife and stuck it in the table top.


Sgt. Brady attempted to shock Hernandez with a Taser after Hernandez reached for the knife on the table, but it was ineffective. Hernandez began taking steps toward the water when Sgt. Brady rushed him in an effort to keep Hernandez from entering the water. Hernandez flexed and tensed his body to avoid being handcuffed.


Hernandez was taken to Mariners Hospital where he was medically cleared.


Hernandez was then taken to jail.