Man arrested after attempted cell phone robbery


A 50-year-old Marathon man who tried to steal a cell phone and then resisted Deputies was arrested Monday.


David Lee Hayes was charged with two counts of burglary, resisting arrest with violence, larceny, battery and assault on a law enforcement officer.


The victim stated he was behind the wheel of a vehicle that was stopped at a stop sign at Louisa and 39thstreets at approximately 11 a.m. The victim stated Hayes pulled up on a bicycle and asked for money. The victim stated he had none. Hayes then reached into the vehicle and attempted to take the victim’s cell phone. The victim opened his door and got out of the vehicle. Hayes punched him and ran away.


Hayes — who is known to law enforcement from many previous incidents — was taken to the Sheriff’s Office Marathon Substation for questioning.


Hayes became combative, refused to cooperate and began pulling away from Deputies. He tensed up, refused to get inside a patrol car. Hayes threw himself on the ground. Hayes was shocked with a Taser and then claimed he swallowed a razor.


Hayes was taken to Fishermen’s Community Hospital. Hayes stated he was going to urinate and defecate himself and throw his waste at Deputies. Deputies secured his hands before he was able to do so.


Hayes was medically cleared at the hospital and taken to jail.