Man arrested after fleeing from Deputies



A 56-year-old Key Largo man was arrested Wednesday night after fleeing from Deputies on foot following a traffic stop.


Joseph Lightburn Beckford was charged with resisting arrest, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence.


Deputy Vaughn O’Keefe stopped a Volkswagen car driving southbound on U.S. 1 near Mile Marker 88 with undercarriage neon blue lights activated. Blue-colored lights affixed to non-emergency vehicles are illegal in Florida. The color blue is reserved for emergency vehicles only. Deputy O’Keefe stopped the car and noticed the odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. Deputy O’Keefe saw a pack of rolling papers in plain view. Deputy O’Keefe asked Beckford, the sole occupant of the vehicle, if he had a medical marijuana card and Beckford stated he did not. Deputy Scott Costa arrived to assist.


Deputy O’Keefe asked Beckford to step out of the vehicle and asked if he had anything illegal in his possession. Beckford answered in the affirmative, adding that’s way he was running. Beckford then fled on foot as Deputies gave chase. Beckford dropped something while running. Deputy Costa stated he going to deploy his Taser if Beckford did not stop. Beckford continued to run. Deputy Costa deployed his Taser, but missed. Beckford stopped running shortly thereafter. Deputy Joel Rios also arrived to assist.


A small baggie containing approximately .16 grams of cocaine was found where Beckford was seen dropping something while running. Approximately 5.5 grams of marijuana was found in multipole sandwich bags inside the car. A digital scale and a grinder were also found.


Beckford was taken to jail.