Man arrested after gun incident



A 56-year-old Conch Key man was arrested Monday after pointing a handgun at another man.


Shawn Richard Webster was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


Deputy Garrett Bragg responded to Seaview Avenue at approximately 11:38 p.m. regarding a man with a gun who pointed it at the reporting person’s face. Deputy Bragg contacted the victim who stated the suspect, later identified as Webster, was sitting in his car around the corner. Deputy Bragg ordered Webster out of the car at gunpoint and detained him. There were two handguns — a .380-caliber and a .40-caliber — in the vehicle.


Webster told Deputy Bragg he saw two young girls having sex. Webster further stated he then saw the victim on the top of a Conex box brandishing a sniper rifle. Webster stated the victim pointed the rifle at him and he drew his firearm. Deputy Garrett found no girls, no sniper rifle or any evidence to suggest Webster’s story occurred.


The victim said he received a text stating there was a man walking around outside with a handgun. He stated he went outside to help the person who texted him when Webster pointed the handgun at him.


Webster was taken to jail.