Man arrested for battery with baseball bat


A 32-year-old Big Coppitt Key man was arrested Tuesday morning after attacking a neighbor with a baseball bat.


Matthew Robert Peak was charged with aggravated battery.


Deputies Freddy Rodriguez, Antonio Guieb and Lazaro Valdes responded to Barcelona Drive at approximately 6:40 a.m. regarding a battery with a baseball bat. They found the 53-year-old male victim on Ventana Lane who stated Peak came to his residence. Peak accused the victim of going his residence. Peak accused the victim of yelling and banging on his door. The victim stated he never went to Peak’s property and was at this residence the entire time.


The victim stated Peak produced an unopened pocket knife and became aggressive so the victim grabbed a Maglite flashlight. The victim stated the two then exchanged series of blows to the head. Deputy Rodriguez noted the victim had several cuts to his head and mouth. The victim stated Peak left and then returned with a baseball bat and the ruckus continued as the two continued to exchange blows. The victim stated Peak eventually left in a gold sport-utility-vehicle. The victim provided the Maglite.


A neighbor/witness handed over the pocket knife that Peak left on the ground before leaving. That witness stated Peak started the fight with the victim.


Deputies found a gold SUV at the corner of Barcelona and Avenue F. There was a baseball bat inside the SUV in plain view. Peak admitted to confronting the victim.


Peak was taken to Lower Keys Medical Center for treatment to cuts on his head.


He was medically cleared and then taken to jail.