Man arrested for brandishing handgun



A 36-year-old Stock Island fruit stand vendor was arrested Tuesday for threatening to shoot another vendor after the business competitor/victim declined toraise his sugar cane juice prices.


Yoan Torres Quinones was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, carrying a concealed firearm without a license and improper exhibition of a weapon.


There were no injuries reported.


The 50-year-old victim, also of Stock Island, initially flagged down a Key West Police Officer near the Hurricane Hole Restaurant & Marina at approximately 4 p.m. Deputy Antonio Guieb responded shortly thereafter. The victim showed Deputy Guieb a cell phone video of the incident. The video showed the victim and another male, later identified as Torres Quinones, arguing in Spanish. Torres Quinones then lifts up his shirt and brandishes a handgun in his waistband.


The victim stated Torres Quinones came over to his fruit stand and started arguing with him for under cutting his price on sugar cane juice. Torres Quinones sells his sugar cane juice at his fruit stand on 5th Streetfor $3 whereas the victim sells his sugar cane juice for $2. Torres Quinones demanded the victim raise his sugar cane juice price to $3, but the victim declined. Torres Quinones then displayed the handgun and said he would fire every bullet into the victim.


Deputy Guieb then went to Torres Quinones’ stand on 5th Street. Torres Quinones was wearing the same clothes as seen in the video. A gun matching the features seen in the video was found in his vehicle. The firearm was a loaded .380-caliber Bersa handgun.


Torres Quinones was taken to jail.