Man arrested for gun threats


A 49-year-old Islamorada man was arrested Sunday for pointing a handgun at another man regarding a traffic incident on Saturday.


Jason Andrew Brown was charged with aggravated assault.


Deputy Nerelys Vidal responded to Palo De Oro Drive in Islamorada on Saturday and met with the victim and a witness — both construction workers. The victim stated he was driving to the end of the cul-de-sac where they were doing work when he braked sharply due to a child playing basketball in the road. He stated he stopped to ensure the child was OK and proceeded to the job site.


The victim stated the suspect, later identified as Brown, arrived at the job site in a van shortly thereafter. The victim stated Brown was irate and screaming at him regarding the previous road incident involving the child. The victim stated Brown pulled out a handgun, “racked” it several times and pointed it at him. The victim stated he thought he was going to be shot. Brown’s van was found near a basketball hoop where the incident occurred.


Brown admitted confronting the victim over a traffic incident involving a child. Brown produced a .45 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun matching the victim’s description of the same.


Brown was taken to jail.