Man in stolen vehicle charged with meth possession


A 34-year-old Key West man was charged with drug possession Thursday night after he was stopped on Stock Island in a vehicle reported stolen out of Key West.


William Cecil Giffen was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Deputy John Allen was traveling south on Maloney Avenue on Stock Island at approximately 10:12 p.m.when he spotted a vehicle matching a be-on-the-lookout alert description sent by Key West Police. The license plate also matched. The vehicle had been reported stolen out of Key West minutes earlier.


Deputy Allen eventually stopped the vehicle on 1stAvenue. Deputy Paul McNalley arrived as backup and they removed the driver, identified as Giffen, from the vehicle. Giffen made many different statements as to who owned the vehicle he was driving.


A glass pipe and about 1.1 grams of crystal methamphetamine were found in a bag on the front passenger seat.


The vehicle was returned to the owner who declined to press charges.


Giffen was taken to jail on the drug-related offenses.