Man Who Tethered Dog Arrested for Animal Cruelty


On October 7, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint regarding a dog with a rope embedded in its neck.

A local rescue learned about the situation and reached out to Lee County Domestic Animal Services. Due to the nature of the incident, LCDAS notified the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, and the Animal Cruelty Task Force assumed the investigation.

Detectives responded to the 800 Block of Andalusia Boulevard in Cape Coral and located the suspect, Robert Callahan (DOB 7/10/80).

Detectives learned that Callahan did not have a proper collar for his dog, Charlie, so he used a rope to tether him in the backyard. The rope caused a severe, gaping wound to the entire width of Charlie’s neck.

“This disgusting act against an animal has me outraged,” stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno. “This is exactly why my Animal Cruelty Task Force is in place.”

Charlie was taken to a local animal hospital, where he received surgery to close the large wound on his neck. A physical examination of Charlie revealed the animal was flea-ridden and extremely emaciated.

The veterinarian stated the injuries were consistent with being kept on a rope outside for an extended period of time with no care. Charlie is currently in recovery.

Animal Cruelty Detectives established probable cause to arrest Callahan and charge him with aggravated animal cruelty.

“Callahan is right where he belongs – in the Lee County Jail,” stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno.