Manatee County Sheriffs Office – Check vin on used cars before buying


It may seem like an unusual suggestion, but before you hit the road in a new (used) vehicle, make sure it isn’t stolen. Stolen vehicles are often sold to unsuspecting consumers. Thankfully, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers a free Motor Vehicle Information Check tool where you can check the VIN # on a vehicle before purchase:

You can also take action to reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen by:
🔑 Ensuring the vehicle is always locked and the keys are removed
💡 Park or store it in a secure, well-lit location
🚨 Install/ utilize alarms or immobilizing devices & vehicle tracking systems
⏰ Have a nightly routine of checking to ensure your vehicle is locked, valuables are removed, and keys are stored safely away from the car

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