Orlando police department- continuing to build trust and understanding


We know that continuing to build trust and understanding between officers and residents is a critical part of our path forward. That trust must be earned and keeping that trust must continue to be a priority for the department each and every day.

To help further build that trust, I’ve answered the call from former President Obama and the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance to take actions to review use of force policies, engage residents during the process and enact changes to clarify protocols for officers and help the community understand police practices. We’re currently starting to identify ways for residents to be engaged during this process.

We’ve also received many questions about the policies listed in Campaign Zero’s #8CantWait initiative. The Orlando Police Department already adheres to all eight of those recommendations through policy and training and you can learn more about standards and practices already in place on this webpage: https://www.orlando.gov/Our-Government/Departments-Offices/Orlando-Police-Department/Our-Commitment-to-Racial-Equity

Over the years we have taken deliberate steps to ensure that our police officers continue to work closely with the community and evaluate our policies to continue implementing best practices from around the country. We remain committed to this effort.