Polk County Sheriffs Office- Busted


Carl Jr. must think he can earn frequent rider miles for all of his trips to Grady’s Bartow Bed & Breakfast. He picked up his 18th arrest in Polk County recently.

And he’s not a one-trick pony either. Carl Jr. has done it all: various types of burglaries, thefts galore, dealing in stolen property, resisting, and tampering with evidence, to name a few.

Over the years, Carl Jr. has amassed 76 criminal charges. And now you can add about eleven more. Here’s what happened.

Early one morning in Lakeland’s east-side, a woman’s security camera alerted her about a man (Carl) looking into her car with a flashlight. Maybe Carl was just admiring her upholstery. Maybe not. She wasn’t taking any chances, and she called the Sheriff’s Office (which is exactly what we want someone in this situation to do).

A deputy caught up to Carl while another deputy went to look at the security video. The clothing Carl had on matched the clothing of the man in the video. Even more telling was that the suspect in the video was very tall, and someone that tall would surely stand out like a sore thumb. A very, very, large sore thumb. Carl was that thumb. He’s 6’7” tall.

Deputies searched the area and found a vehicle with a broken rear window. This was two houses down from where Carl Jr was found hiding. The report didn’t say where Carl was hiding. Where can a man that size hide?

Carl Jr was arrested and taken to the Polk Pokey. Again.

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