Polk County Sheriffs Office- Confrontation in Publix


Confrontation in Publix

Fresh on the heels of the arrest of the man who attacked another shopper in a Lakeland liquor store, we now have this case.On Thursday, May 14th, at around 3pm, shoppers were shopping in the Mulberry Publix (2040 Shepherd Road). Because we are writing about it, you know something went bad.And we have video of it.The main person to watch for is the man wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt (you might have another word to describe that particular item of clothing) and black pants. Mr. White Shirt entered the store with another person, and they eventually made it to the deli, where they stood behind a woman getting an order filled at the counter. The woman at the counter is then joined by her brother (our victim) who is in the blue shirt. The two of them were in front of Mr. White shirt, who appears to be talking on his cell phone.There is no sound for the video, and it doesn’t really seem that there is any interaction between Mr. Blue Shirt, Mr. White Shirt, or Mr. Blue Shirt’s sister…but apparently there was. The victim (Mr. Blue Shirt) reported that Mr. White Shirt was making numerous rude comments to his sister, so Mr. Blue Shirt turned to Mr. White Shirt and asked him to stop. While doing so, Mr. Blue Shirt began recording Mr. White Shirt with his cell phone.Mr. White Shirt tried to grab Mr. Blue Shirt’s phone. Mr. White Shirt then walked away. Mr. Blue Shirt continued to follow and film Mr. White Shirt while they exited the store.Outside, Mr. White Shirt grabbed the cell phone from Mr. Blue Shirt, and threw the phone across the parking lot, causing it to break. Mr. White Shirt fled the scene and ran into the woods. Our detective now needs to speak with Mr. White Shirt and get his side of the story. If you recognize Mr. White Shirt (or the person he came in with), or have any other information that might be helpful to this investigation, please contact Detective Walters at 863-499-2400 ext 131 (reference case #20-19793), or to remain anonymous, contact Heartland Crime Stoppers – call 1-800-226 TIPS (8477), visit www.heartlandcrimestoppers.com and click on "Submit A Tip," or download the free "P3tips" app on your smartphone or tablet.#PCSO#ShoppingIsSupposedToBeAPleasureYall#ThisIsNotHowYouDoPhoneTag#HeReportedlyCalledHerTheSameThingJoeExoticCallsCaroleBaskin#WeHaveNoIdeaWhyMrWhiteShirtWouldHaveBeenUpset#PerhapsHeDidntLikeHerCheeseSelection#GoWithTheImportedDutchAgedGoudaLadyNotTheFrenchBrie#GladTheyDidntTakeOffTheirShirtsAndFight#TheShirtsWouldHaveHitTheFlan

Posted by Polk County Sheriff's Office on Friday, May 22, 2020